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The guideline for the cover videos on YouTube!

The guideline for the cover videos on YouTube!

This channel has a guideline for covering the music tracks. Please read it. Thank you for your understanding.

[The guideline for covering my music tracks

1. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to use my karaoke tracks for your covers.


2. You can only post your covers on YouTube, facebook and other SNS. You can’t sell your covers. Also, you can’t re-upload my karaoke tracks in other youtube channels. Apparently, that’s gonna be judged as copy videos. And It’s gonna be erased.


3. When you post your covers on youtube, please have comments and put the link on my video which you covered.


4. Please write a credit about the karaoke tracks and my channel. Please put my channel’s link and This channel’s name “Mariko AWADA Jazz vocal & Jazz Karaoke Channel“ on the description.