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Mariko AWADA 3rd Album “That’s my way” 2017.11.25 release

That’s my way by AWADA Mariko

This is the newest album which is called “That’s my way”. I released it in 2017.  It contains 8 song covers and 5 original songs. You can watch the trailer on Youtube. Please check that out!
My band consists of renowned members of the music industry : Koji Goto who is one of the most famous jazz pianists in Japan, Sotaro Kitatoko and Yuma kachi who are the innovators of the jazz violin in Japan, Yasuhiro Sakake who is one of the top guitarists in Japan, Yoshiki Yamada  who is very popular jazz bassist in New York, and Ryo Noritake who is one of the most popular drummers in Japan. 
In this CD, I covered “what a wonderful world”, “stand by me”, “Norwegian wood”, “The nearness of you”, “I’ll never fall in love again” etc…
I arranged most of the songs by myself. Also you can enjoy my original songs which comprises a funky song, a Brazilian song, and a kind of a suite that violinists were featured.
3,500 yen is about $35.
Songs list
1. What a wonderful world
2. I’ll never fall in love again
3. My secret mind
4. That’s my way
5. The nearness of you
6. Devil may care
7. Departure
8. Stand by me
9. Preparation
10. Antagata dokosa – Japanese traditional song
11. Norwegian wood
12. Carnival
13. A tree on the hill
My original songs : 3,4,7,9,13

Mariko AWADA 2nd Album “My Lovely way” 2011.3 release

My lovely way by AWADA Mariko

This is Mariko AWADA’s 2nd album which is called “My lovely way”. I featured my guitarist Tatsuya Sakurai.We covered 6 jazz standard songs , 1 Japanese pop song, and 1 composition of my very own. We had a recording in Boston way back 2009.The instrumentations are just voice and guitar, so it’s simple and the sound is gentle and natural. You can watch the trailer on youtube. Please check that out.

Produced by Mariko AWADA, Yuki KANESAKA Vocal: Mariko AWADA, Guitar: Tatsuya SAKURAI, Whistle: Yuki KANESAKA

2,700 yen is about $27.

Songs list
1. It might as well be spring
2. It had to be you
3. Tokini wa mukashi no hanashi wo – Japanese pop song
4. Love for sale
5. A lovely way to spend an evening
6. Recorda me
7. Harukaze no komoriuta – Original song
8. I wish you love

Mariko AWADA Debut Album “Marguerite” 2011.1 release

Marguerite by AWADA Mariko

This is my debut album which is called “Marguerite”. Marguerite is a white flower’s name which symbolizes sincerity. So it would be suitable for my debut album. It contains 2 song covers and 7 original songs. My band had a recording in Boston way back 2009. You can check the trailer on youtube.

Unfortunately this CD is sold out now. But you can download the MP3 digital files in my online music store! 2,700 yen is about $27.

Songs list
1. Morning mist
2. You are the one
3. Tell me the truth
4. Harukaze no komoriuta
5. Spring field
6. Tell me a bedtime story
7. Alive
8. James
9. Butterfly

My original songs : 1,2,3,4,5,7,9

Japanese traditional songs & anime songs “SATO NO UTA”