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AWADA Mariko was born and raised in Japan. She began to learn the classical piano at the age of 3 under her mother’s instruction. But classical Piano wasn’t her main interest at that time. She started listening to jazz music at the age of 12, a decision influenced by her mother, an organist.

After entering Osaka University in Japan, Mariko joined an a-cappella group and she began to sing a-cappella and vocal jazz style music. After graduation, she worked at a company for 3 years. At the same time, she entered Koyo Conservatory in Nagoya, Japan. During that time at the conservatory, she received the prize fellowship.

After graduation from Koyo, Mariko was granted a world scholarship from Berklee College of Music. Finally, her passion towards music brought her to Boston. Since 2007 fall, she had studied singing techniques, music theory, arranging, composition at Berklee under Kim Nazarian (New York Voices), Anne Peckham, Lisa Thorson, Hal Crook, Darren Barret, Bob Stoloff. She granted New York Voices Scholarship from New York Voices Vocal Camp in 2009.

Mariko Graduated Berklee at the top of the list of Professional music department in 2009, and now she lives in her country, Japan. May 2010, she won a prize in a jazz vocal competition in Kobe. And October 2010, she won a first prize in a jazz vocal competition in Saitama.

She released her debut album “Marguerite” in Jan. 2012, and the second album “My Lovely Way” was released in March 2012. Also she released her 3rd album “That’s my way” in Nov. 2017. Now Mariko is teaching at Nagoya University of arts.

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Mariko AWADA and Shota YAMAMOTO made “SATO NO UTA” which is making music videos on Youtube since 2015.

SATO NO UTA Channel on Youtube